Whatever your issue is with your mother-in-law — maybe he sometimes puts her first, or your personalities just clash — it’s best for you to really put forth the effort to resolve the problem. She is, after all, the reason he exists in the first place. “It’ll drive a wedge between the two of you, not him and his mom,” she says. Attention to alternative naturally takes a dipConsider having a crush while in a relationship as a ‘wake-up call’ to start being attentive to your marriage. Being attracted to someone else while being in a committed relationship is what psychologists describe as ‘attention to alternatives’.

How to Recognize a One-Sided Relationship and Restore the Balance

If your partner doesn’t make you feel like you truly matter to them, there’s a chance that you might not. As Susan Trombetti, matchmaker and relationship expert, previously told Bustle, “Relationships take time and commitment, and just saying you’re committed doesn’t cut it. When we’re in love, it’s a lot easier to remember the details about someone like the color of their eyes, the names of their siblings, or their favorite pizza toppings. But, if you’re with someone who can’t remember both small and big things, your partner might not be 100% invested. They don’t know how to create their happiness; they’re dependent on other people for a good time and emotional support.

A good sign that someone thinks you’re amazing is the amount of focus and attention they put on you and only you. “They don’t want to talk to anyone else,” Hershenson says. “If they were around you the entire time and didn’t bother to meet other people or up a conversation with anyone else, it’s a sign they think you’re special.” In fact, a 2015 University of Kansas study put this idea to the test.

You have anxiety and/or depression, but you haven’t done anything about it. Perhaps you’ve thought about getting some type of help, but never followed through. In order to avoid that emotional pain, you may be emotionally unavailable—and therapy can help. “Facing the pain is the only way to work through this and become more available,” Cohen notes. No one knows, but dating the wrong person for a while allowed you to ignore the fact.

These 17 signs show you may have savior complex in your relationship

And while you remember the time and location of your engagement, your husband may only recall the date. It goes back to men’s and women’s brains being wired differently; women tend to retain emotional memories better than men do. Like any other form of human connection, crushes die out over time if you don’t attend to them actively.

You know you’re not going to settle for this person, and it’s eating both of you up as well as the relationship. I understand sometimes people lie to themselves or avoid accepting the relationship is hopeless, but most people know exactly what they’re doing and do it anyway. You’re vulnerable, and somebody comes in and sweeps you off your feet — or so you think. As time passes, you realize these feelings are superficial and that you’ve unintentionally led this person on. You were in a bad situation, and you foolishly embraced whatever good came your way.

However, “once you reach a certain age of young adulthood , your ability to experience deep emotions should have developed,” Cohen says. By spending months or years with someone, you should become close and develop those types of deeper feelings. “If someone has been in long-term relationships and has not ever said ‘I love you’ to someone, it may indicate some level of emotional unavailability.” Considering an emotionally unavailable partner cannot, for the life of them, say how they truly feel, they automatically go on the defensive when they’re exposed. They often blame others, rather than recognizing and confronting the emotional fallout. If you’ve been seeing the same person for, oh, I don’t know, four months and you haven’t met their friends, it might be a sign that they don’t want to acknowledge the relationship.

Once he knows that you’re into him, he’ll stop acting distant and show his feelings to you. Even in committed relationships, nobody wants to be the partner that is falling in love much harder. So when you triggered deep feelings within him, it may have caused him to start acting distant to you. When two people are open and honest about their future marriage goals, there is less likely to be misunderstandings and accusations if the relationship ends.

But even less intense “rules” can be a sign of a problem — like maybe they say you can’t go to bars alone because it makes them jealous. It’s something you’ll want to discuss ASAP, to see if you can work through it and create a more balanced relationship. Keep an eye on how they treat their family and friends, too, Hershenson says. While they may be super nice to you, because they’re dating you, how they talk to others is a sign of their true character.

This person is fun to talk to, but you don’t see anything long-term happening. Realize, however, that you can be any age – and still have the “over thirty and worried” mindset. It’s the woman who is OVERLY obsessed with trying to find a man or CONSTANTLY sad about not having one. So she finds herself desperate, how to join SwingingHeaven settling and/or overwhelmed with sadness because she’s so consumed thinking about what isn’t instead of what is. We either know her, we are her or like me at one time or another we were that girl. I just prayed for him, talked to him about certain things and ultimately he made the decision to make some changes.

Regardless of your intentions, marriage is not something you should ever rush into. Always proceed with caution when the person you’re dating is pressuring you to get married before you’re ready. The people willing to actually hold me accountable in dating have been my best friends.

She asks for a break

Being introduced to an entire family early in a relationship can often be awkward and uncomfortable, depending on the situation. It can often create a lot of pressure at the outset of the relationship, and many people may take it as a sign that the person is expecting a long-term commitment. If your partner already knows where the wedding venue should be and what they plan to wear, then they are looking to get married at some point and have given it a lot of thought. Plenty of people daydream about their future wedding, but talking about it as if it is happening soon might hint that your partner wants to walk down the aisle with you. The God who sends these kinds of friends and family into our lives knows what we need far better than we ever will.

At the same time, you can’t risk the chance of not talking to Mr. or Mrs. Right just because you’re currently dating someone else. I know without a shadow of a doubt, much of my past hurt and pain was due in part because I either gave it up too soon or I assumed that he would love me because I had sex with him. Sometimes, you have to discern between what feels good to you versus what is good for you. Thankfully, you get the best of both worlds when you experience real love, but that’s not always the case if you’re with someone who isn’t meant for you.

The number and variations of types of pre-exclusive relationships isn’t always easy for older generations to understand. It all depends on your relationship with him; if he isn’t your boyfriend, his jealousy is not your problem. However, if this jealous man is your partner, talk to him about it. Assure him that you don’t care about those insecurities, and they won’t affect how you see him. Guys get jealous over the silliest things; if you get too emotionally invested in their drama, you may miss some great opportunities with men who would truly love and value you. You don’t want to be an accessory in someone’s life, so; you need to call him out on his jealousy or ignore his childish games and move on with your life.