The usage of gradients and different shades of blue are very nice. The various icons on the left menu are also matched with their respective text, which makes the interface clear and easy to understand. Shazam App Design is intended to connect users with the music and televisions around them. The app offers a clean, intuitive, and straightforward interface to connect users with music and information. The main page includes the Shazam symbol in white, and two interlocking U shapes tilted at an angle.

And if you plan to design for the Apple Watch you’ll be happy to know there’s a full category dedicated to Apple Watch app UI inspiration. They also have a Creative Fields section where you can find inspiration for product logo designs too, which can be handy if you’re designing an app icon from scratch. It’s important to note that previous design experience is not a prerequisite to starting a career in UI design. In reality, employers are far more interested in your portfolio—and whether you can demonstrate an understanding of core UI design principles—than your formal qualifications.

UI Design Trends and Ideas

This is their brand new redesigned corporate website, built on ThreeJS and powered by WordPress. The website also serves as a great portfolio design inspiration for those who wish to create a site of very few words. Besides the titles and contact info, the entire website consists only of images.

UX Matters

Zes Nullen is a sports apparel brand with an eCommerce website built on NextJS with complex animations and CSS transitions. The same animations are well-optimized for mobile and users who slide through the different chapters will also enjoy these transitions. The site is pretty easy to browse and the interfaces are very easy to sort through.

For that reason, some apps suggest importing the contact list from mobile phones to prevent user’s contacts from seeing their profiles in search results or match lists. Minimalism is one of the main UI/UX design trends over the past few years. A high-quality design for a dating app should be almost unnoticeable. Anything that distracts the user and pulls them away from solving their problem should be removed. Forget about using too many gradients or complex animation that takes additional time between transitions. It’s no need to repeat how much important of the great app design inspiration for designers.

Finding the ideal app UI design for each element you require is simple if you are interested in UI animations. The step for performing competitive research is likely on your design checklist. You presumably browse the typical websites for ideas and trends, such as Behance, A, and Dribble. It’s tempting to start dissecting an existing product or procedure when approaching a UX/UI design. This is useful; however, it might also restrict your perspective and vision to what is currently trending. But occasionally, you must leave the office and give it a shot yourself if you want to feel truly inspired.

Mobile Patterns

339 inspirational designs, illustrations, and graphic elements from the world’s best designers. Below, we’ve provided duties and responsibilities and salary averages for three UI design job titles you may come across in your research. Salary averages are based on Glassdoor’s January 2023 estimates of annual total pay . Build job-ready skills for an in-demand career and earn a credential from Meta. Buttons and images must also be aligned to demonstrate relevance and relativity to users. Examples of navigational elements in UI include slide bars, search fields, and back arrows.

My wine is meant to remind those who drink it of warm weather and great times had during the summer, so it is beach/garden party-themed. It should incorporate warm brighter colors, use engaging fun fonts, and showcase black women having fun. The comprehensive blog platform Medium has an extensive library of UX design resources. We advise you to read news and articles about UX design on the platform for an hour or two each day. User interface design is the main emphasis of UI Movement, and they compile the best submissions from Dribbble.

Hopefully the resources mentioned in this article will help you come out of an ideation dilemma and inspire you to design user experiences that are simple, intuitive and delightful. Pttrns provides holistic collection of design patterns, resources and inspiration. Unlike previously mentioned Mobile Patterns, Pttrns contains not only Mobile patterns, but also patterns for smartwatch apps. The world of user experience has never stopped evolving and it’s essential to stay up-to-date on the latest ideas and conversations happening in the industry.

The website is minimalistic in its approach in terms of colors, images, and animations. Thanks for this best resources of your mobile app designs which is very inspirational. I’m constantly looking for mobile app icons and specific pages like splash screens. The above galleries are fantastic but you can also find incredible resources on top design blogs. Some even focus on UI inspiration enough to have their own gallery/inspiration categories. Some designers like the Dribbble-style designs but many prefer real screenshots from real applications.

The information shared via this publication varies from design ideas to project management methodology. UX Magazine is an online UX publication discussing the latest trends in UX design and product strategy. Here you can also find information about upcoming UX events . Designer News is a global community where design and technology professionals share interesting links and timely events. Great for inspiration, nice to be up to date with new trends. They Make Design is one of the top design publication on Medium featuring the best branding and web design design agencies, designers, and great works they produce.