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They are US based, FDIC insured, and have never been hacked. FDIC insured means that US users are insured for up to $250,000 if something unfortunate were to happen. Unfortunately, not all exchanges supported by 3Commas have the same features available inside the application.

We don’t have any information about your strategies, portfolio size, or usage . Gekko supports 16 exchanges, including Bitfinex and Poloniex. Gekko will contact the exchange by simply telling it which exchange you wish to interact with. Gekko allows you to create your trading strategies with TA indicators. Gekko allows you to backtest your strategy against historical market data, or against the live market using a paper trader – making it a trading robot.

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Use Trading View alerts to create orders and close positions based on technical indicators like RSI, ULT, TA presets, CQS Scalping etc. Composite bots allow you to split funds in a more efficient way. You don’t have to lock up your funds in simple bots as you can start a composite bot, add as much pairs to it as you wish and it will automatically allocate funds to active pairs. Cryptomojo is the digital media platform that helps you to explore the latest information articles, and reviews to help you gain an understanding of this trending technology. Cryptomojo was founded by Fred Harris performer who got involved in cryptocurrencies at the start of 2017. You can put your desired rebalancing weightage, and start rebalancing your crypto portfolio.

If you want to trade manually from one interface with boosted features, you can do it with 3Commas’ Smart Trade dashboard. Even if you wish only to manage your portfolio or do automatic rebalancing, 3Commas is a great solution. Top alternatives are certainly Cryptohopper and Bitsgap, as cloud-based platforms, and – as a locally run software. 3Commas has a free trial to test out their platform and that trial is limited to 3 days only, which is pretty low in comparison to the 30 days that Cryptohopper offers. offers three standard tiers and pricing plans.

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Research reports are generally long, in-depth, but highly valuable documents providing fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and opinions on the past, current, and future market. Ultimately, users maintain greater security when using DEXs, but they are often more difficult to use and have less liquidity. Defines the ease at which an asset can be bought or sold. If there is a lot of liquidity, then there will always be a buyer or seller waiting on the other side of your order request. In this guide, I’ll provide you with a checklist of the best crypto tools to use in 2023 that will completely transform the way you interact with the crypto sphere. Of course, trading with an advanced terminal like Cryptohopper is not for everyone.

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HodlBot Review 2023: Is This Platform Worth Trying?.

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I know I mentioned Cointracking before, but it’s worth bringing up again. They are the most popular web-based tracking service, while also being affordable. They are integrated with mostly any exchange you would need and calculate your historical data automatically upon importing your trades. Most traders use Cointracking as one of their main cryptocurrency tools. Trading bots are pieces of software which allow you to set certain parameters defining when the bot should trade on your behalf.

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The platform protects customers from having funds fall into the hands of fraudsters. For example, suppose you currently hold a large amount of XRP, but are concerned that the price of this cryptocurrency is about to begin a short-term decline. This is very beneficial if you want to react quickly to market conditions and thus maximize your upside potential. The reason for this is that a stop loss order with a 10% value will adjust as the Bitcoin price rises. Although your stop loss was previously set at $9,000 (10% of $10,000), it will now move to the $10,800 level.


The reason this is useful is that you would have finer control of the rebalancing feature and only apply it to the sub-accounts so not all of your assets or trades are interrupted. We value our clients, and have therefore invested in a highly transparent trading system. To ensure peer-to-peer transactions, our trading system is built on blockchain.

For more than five years, 3Commas has been iterating and improving its core proposition, making it one of the leading automated cryptocurrency trading services in the market. It offers most of the features pro traders seek in a trading platform and little else. We are here to help you learn and become a professional trader. Traditional assets yield between 2% and 12% per annum in dollars.

The recommended 3commas rebalancing, which provides access to all features, is the $49.50 professional plan. At this pricing point, 3Commas is expensive, but it does provide access to a wide range of trading features. The best part is every exchange has an identical set of features in Shrimpy. That means there is no confusion regarding what features will be available when linking a new exchange account.

Investors can also view the historical performance of assets by selecting an asset on the dashboard. Investors won’t find a wide variety of portfolio tracking features on 3Commas. Instead, only simple performance metrics are available for those traders that want a high-level overview of their portfolio performance. I can’t really find much fault with the platform at all. 3Commas delivers on what it promises and provides an incredibly powerful, yet simple enough platform that fills the needs of DOGE crypto traders of all styles.

Traders of all experience levels can take advantage of these rebalancer crypto tools. 3Commas has become the go-to platform for day traders due to the large selection of automated trading bots. Instead of focusing on portfolio automation, 3Commas provides tools for trading across individual trading pairs. You can learn more about Shrimpy in our Shrimpy Review. Shrimpy and 3Commas are two very popular platforms for crypto trading products. Both platforms offer portfolio tracking, social/copy trading, and a trading terminal that integrates with crypto exchanges.

binance trading bot

Whatever strategy you choose, defines how much time and effort it would require from you. For example, a long-term holding portfolio will not require a lot of intervention from you until something major happens, like an exponential rise in a coin’s value in a short time. We already mentioned CryptoCompare, but it’s worth nothing that they do have a mining calculator. The mining calculator similar is to Whattomine, but they do LINK not offer as many coins or parameter inputs.

But the best part is the 24/7 live chat support built directly into the website. I pinged them and got a response with 90 seconds, which is one of the best support responses I’ve seen of any crypto platform. If you’re new to crypto trading, you might have noticed there’s a LOT to learn. You have successfully created a 3Commas account, connected your exchange, and paid for a subscription. Using the example of Binance, visit Binance, and sign in to your account. Hover over the user account icon on the top right as shown below and select the link from the drop-down list.

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Instead, you can set up a single order through the 3Commas portal, which will then be triggered when certain conditions are met. Which is a very good indicator of product quality and service. 3commas is not a scam, the company is registered in Estonia and has a lot of positive reviews on Trustpilot and other sites.

Gordon-bots use a special trading strategy, which is pretty well known in the crypto community as “QFL”. QFL strategy is designed for long positions only (i.e. buy low and sell high). You need to give 3Commas access to your trading account so that the automated strategy you choose can place trades offline.

Aside of the chat option that is available on each page of the , you can reach out to their support team via their Telegram group, YouTube Channel, and other social media channels. There is also a very active 3Commas Discord that can be accessed from inside their accounts. The bot then slices this selected range into multiple planes and places a buy or sell order on every level, which allows one to buy every drop and sell every rise.

  • Gunbot runs completely on your system, Windows, macOS or Linux.
  • Drag’n Drop Builder allows you to create your strategy without any coding skills.
  • Choose paper trading or connect exchange for trading with real coins.
  • If you are going to copy the bots created by other traders, you will be able to see the statistics and performance of the bot before choosing to copy them.
  • In our Ether example, most people would not sell their Ether if it became worth 30% of their portfolio from 10%, but with crypto’s volatility, this can happen quite often.
  • Manual strategy- This is where the trader sets the range and the bot can only buy/sell within the defined range.

The main goal of this app is to increase revenue and reduce losses as well as risks. This software app enables you to manage all crypto exchange accounts in one place. 3commas, which is available as a mobile app and a web-based version, has multiple pricing plans. The Starter package is the best choice if you don’t need bots. It supports unlimited trading and will give you access to the Smart Trading terminal for $22 a month. The Advanced plan comes with simple bots for $37 and the Pro subscription offers full portfolio management starting from $75 a month.