Alister Fuller, Chairman

Alister Fuller works in the public transport system as a driver.

He is very cognizant of the challenges that are faced by many in big cities. Homelessness, and poverty are not the only problems he can identify. He sees that the youth are also deeply affected.  This drive and compassion to change lives has inspired him to contribute in so many ways. He is an inspiration to many. He has the ability to identify the skills and talents of an individual and redirect these into  positive and resourceful avenues. 

Alister’s empathy towards those in need, helps him to advocate for them in a strong and meaningful way. He strives to set a good standard and sets an example through his positive and encouraging actions.  He is deeply aware that schools need to educate and create more awareness in teachers, parents, schools, and guardians to identify vulnerable children and to treat them with kindness and address their vulnerabilities

Raju Rangababa, Director

Raju Rangababa is an engineer by profession but has always had a heart and passion for social justice.

He believes and wishes that more people would embrace the fact that making a difference matters more than self-satisfaction when it comes to social justice issues. He wants to work towards social justice causes and be involved in work that makes a difference in the world.

He believes that even if it takes baby steps to get there, everyone should play their part.

Garnet Jacob, Social Worker

Garnet Jacob obtained a Masters in Social Work specializing in Human Resources from Loyola- Chennai in 1992.

He has also graduated from Victoria University with a degree in Social Work. He currently works with youth at risk and deals with individuals who face mental challenges. He also works with domestic violence victims, perpetrators, and other vulnerable individuals.

Garnet has always had a heart to serve and is excellent at networking. His strength lies in his ability to communicate aptly as well as listen with a friendly yet impartial ear.

Garnet’s involvement in GUIH stems from his desire to serve and make a difference in people’s lives.