Our Vision

Advocacy for inclusive programs where resources and talents are shared to enable growth and independence. 


Our Mission is about making a difference. One person, one family & one project at a time.

Our Goals

• Identify volunteers who are empathetic and want to work for a good cause
• Serve the vulnerable and identify their specific needs
• Raise funds to help those in need
• Partner with people and organizations that are working towards the same goal

Our Values

Empathy, Respect, Advocacy, Integrity, and Inclusiveness are the values we imbibe and strive to share.

Our Story

How We Got Started

Alister Fuller, founder of GUIH, who works in public transport observed and noticed numerous homeless people traveling public transport or simply on the streets. During one such workday when Alister was on his lunch break, he noticed a large number homeless people sleeping under the bridge. Moved by compassion for them, he approached one man. He asked if they would like something to eat. Accompanied by this man, Alister ordered sufficient quantity food from a nearby café. Alister could not forget this moment. 

GUIH was born and our first project began on 4th September 2017.

Where We Are Now

GUIH exists to ‘Make a Difference’ and ‘Add Value’ to each individual.

Do you think you can challenge yourself by becoming a Volunteer with GUIH?

Then please Sign up Online as we are in the process of registering volunteers who are humble and passionate about serving, sharing their time and skills and building up GUIH to a World Class Non for Profit Organisation.

Everyone learns from each other no matter what age, gender, colour, culture, religion or country you come from. Unity is strength.

We have identified current projects in Australia and Overseas (now in India) with plans of expanding to other countries like Africa, South East Asian Countries and other parts of the World where there is a need to serve humanity.

Our partners are all established, dedicated, accountable and transparent non-for-profit organisations. If you would like to talk to our partners to learn more about our partnership and projects we are happy to arrange a Zoom meeting to clarify your questions.

We welcome you to journey with GUIH in making each day a memorable moment for anyone who meets us.

I can do what you cannot do. Together we can do great things. ~ Mother Teresa.